AIR Commander v2


AIR Commander v2 contains:
-PC control dongle
-Power cables

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AIR Commander is remote control tool for SONY cameras:

  • A9
  • A7
  • A7s
  • A7r
  • A7 II
  • A7s II
  • A7r II
  • A7r III
  • A7 III
  • A6500
  • A6300
  • A6000


AIR Commander supports controlling of the complete menu, for example:

  • P-A-S-M mode (via memory banks)
  • Exposure (via exposure correction)*
  • ISO value
  • White Balance
  • Exposure correction
  • Exposure lock (for video recording)
  • Picture profile (S-Log2 and other)
  • Zoom (digital + into reviewed photo + optical with PZ lens)**
  • Focus assistant
  • Steady Shot settings
  • Super35 / Full-frame capture mode
  • Shutter / Video recording
  • and many more

* direct exposure control available with A7 Smart plug
** except for A6000 and A7 II


Technical parameters:

  • 2.4GHz ISM Band
  • OQPSK/DSSS modulation
  • low interference protocol
  • up to 1km range
  • Input 2-3s LiPo (5-13V)
  • Power connector – JST
  • Transmitter weight 45g
  • Receiver weight 10g



More information at:

Firmware update process:


Downloads: 949, FileSize: 1.2MB
Firmware Update utility
Firmware upgrade installation utility (PC)
Downloads: 139, FileSize: 7MB
Example .NET project
Example project of simple program for controlling Air Commander from PC. Created in Visual Basic 2017
Downloads: 76, FileSize: 58kB
PC Control application
Application for remote controling AirCommander from PC.
Downloads: 169, FileSize: 37kB
UART Protocol description
Downloads: 235, FileSize: 150kB