Transmitter v2 & Receiver v2
(AIR Commander Link starts at 1.13 – lower)
  • 1.04

Corrected Infrared code generating routines. Solved missed or doubled commands sent through IR.

  • 1.05

Latest single-channel version of the firmware. Cosmetic change in IR generation routines, for better compatibility with older cameras (first series of A7 cameras).

Firmware pack is available for download here.

  • TX 1.10 & RX1.10
    • Redeveloped transmission protocol.
    • Added synchronized dual-band system.
    • Included strong forward error correction coding.

Notes: Please make sure, that after reset of Receiver or Transmitter, both devices are CLOSE TO EACH OTHER. Initial sync of a clock on both devices is critical for good performance of transmission – range. The clocks on both devices are running a tiny bit differently and slowly losing perfect synchronization. Each command transmitted contains time adjustment information and clock on the receiver is tuned. An unused device without sending any commands can lose the synchronization completely in 4-5 hours from the initial sync.
Power reset of the Transmitter or Receiver during the flight usually leads to total stop of the communication. Restart close to each other is necessary.

Firmware pack is available for download here.

  • RX 1.11
    • Receiver update
    • In certain situations, the Receiver stopped responding to any command. Update 1.11 is completely solving this issue. Only the Receiver needs to be updated.
  • RX 1.12
    • Receiver update
    • Corrected function for timelapse control of the Entire

Firmware pack is available for download here.


  • TX 1.11
    • Transmitter update
    • Correction of time-lapse mode configuration

AIR Commander Link & v2 updates

  • TX 1.13 & RX1.13
    • Improved pairing process
    • Changed TX & RX blinking behavior

  • TX 1.14
    • Link TX -> Entire –  wired connection function added