Firmware upgrade for AIR Commander family products is very easy. You will only need one PC (MAC is not currently supported) and USB dongle included in each package of AIR Commander Link (Copter Bridge does not need USB dongle).

How to upgrade?

  1. Download our updater application and unZIP. (download here)
  2. Suppress all eventually warning of the system. ZIP file contains no viruses.
  3. If you have currently running DJI Assistant application, close it
  4. Connect updated device to the cable of the USB dongle
  5. Plug the FW update USB dongle to the free USB port of your PC
  6. Usually no driver installation is necessary, in rare cases you will find USB driver in “driver” folder of ZIP file
  7. Run the “ACupdater.exe” program (Use “Run as administrator” in case of failure)
  8. Click to “Download online” button and wait until the latest firmware pack is downloaded and unpacked
  9. Select the proper port of your connection. If you are not sure, you can leave it in “Auto” mode, however, updating can take more time.
  10. Click to “Connect” and wait for a connection (proper device name will be shown in “Connected device” window).
  11. Click to “Update” and wait for the updating process
  12. Repeat process for Receiver or SmartPlug if necessary.


Driver for the USB dongle is not properly found.

Installation of the Updater application contains a USB driver. In rare cases, the driver does not work properly (mostly at W10 system). In this case please try to uninstall the driver and reinstall by latest version directly from the manufacturer -> download here. The installation process is nicely described for example here

My driver is installed correctly, however, Updater application cannot connect to the device.

Please make sure, you have connected the device to the USB dongle cable before it is plugged to the PC

Firmware update failed, device does not work. What now?

As a result of interrupted firmware download, the device can be non-working for standard connection of Firmware updater application. In this situation, please click to “Recover device” in the low right corner. Then select the device to recover and click to “Recover” button. This process will work in any case of failed FW download.

The application keeps crashing on start.

Try to run the application as administrator by right click to program icon and select “Run as administrator”.

The application keeps fail to connect with “Error reading port”

Please make sure, that no other application on your computer has not opened the COM port before you. DJI Assistant is very insidious in this. Closing DJI Assistant is strongly suggested.

How the USB dongle looks, I cannot find it.

USB dongle looks like this and was included in your AIR Commander v2 package. If you are missing your USB dongle, spare one is available here.