Crucial is the Camera which you would like to control.

  • I have Sony A7x, A7x II, A7x III
    If you have one of these cameras, the best option is AIR Commander A7 or A9 Combo. With this controller, the camera has not even an idea that is controlled by a third-party remote. There are completely no restrictions in the control and controlling is superbly fast and smooth. Device has own wireless connection with a range of approx. 1km. Device uses reverse engeneered techniques to control the camera.

    • Pros
      – Fast control
      – No restrictions in controllable parameters
      – Very simple installation
    • Cons
      – Remote is only for cameras listed above
  • I have another Sony or other brand camera
    Whether you have Sony A6500, Nikon Z7, Z-Cam or Canon cameras, the best option for you is AIR Commander Entire. Entire has no long-range wireless link inside. You have more options on how to control it in mid-air. You can use LightBridge2 of your DJI M600 as control link via Expansion box and F-ports of your A3 Flight controller. You can also use any other SBUS remote controller. New option is also remote control via MavLink from MissionPlanner (full camera control). Or, a much more user-friendly option is using the AIR Commander Link as a data link for the Entire commanding. For these cases we have an AIR Commander Entire Combo available at the shop. Entire uses PC-Control USB / WiFi API of the Camera.

    • Pros
      – Universal device
      – DJI LightBridge 2 can be used as control channel
      – MavLink remote control via MissionPlanner plugin
      – GeoTagging functions
    • Cons
      – Universal device
      – More complex configuration
  • I’m finding for GeoTagging solution
    If you need only to simplify your workflow of 3D modeling or mapping, the AIR Commander Entire is all you need. Please note, that direct EXIF GeoTagging mode is available only for Sony Cameras. The best option is using HotShoe-Sync bracket for precise and reliable trigger discovery. If you wish to get full remote control above your Sony Camera and also use GeoTagging functions, the only solution is A7/A9 Combo in cooperation with AIR Commander Entire as GeoTagger standalone device. Basically you will use the AIR Commander Entire separately of A7/A9 combo which will controlling the camera during the flight.
    Remember to add GeoTagging cable set, or Wireless GeoTagging set (suggested) for the API/Telemetry connection.