AIR Commander A9 Combo

Optional accessory:
1 × USB Splitter

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1 × PTAP - JST PH (PowerAdaptor / SmartPlug)

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A9 Combo contains:
-AIR Commander Link Transmitter
-AIR Commander Link Receiver
-A9 Smart Plug
-PC control dongle
-Power cables
-Smart plug interface cable

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AIR Commander A9 combo is set of AIR Commander Link and A9 SmartPlug for remote controlling SONY A9 and A7 third and fourth series cameras.

Supported cameras:

  • A9
  • A7 III
  • A7r III
  • A7r IV


AIR Commander supports controlling of complete menu*, for example:

  • P-A-S-M mode (via memory banks)
  • Exposure (Shutter speed wheel & Aperture wheel)
  • ISO value
  • White Balance
  • Exposure correction
  • Picture profile (S-Log2 and other)
  • Zoom (digital + into reviewed photo + optical with PZ lens)
  • Focus assistant
  • Steady Shot settings
  • Super35 / Full-frame capture mode
  • Shutter / Video recording
  • and ALL other functions of the camera

*Formatting memory card is not allowed when the camera is powered by A9 Smart Plug. This issue will be solved in future FW updates.



Technical parameters:

  • 2.4GHz ISM Band
  • OQPSK/DSSS modulation
  • low interference protocol
  • up to 1km range
  • Input 12V / 2A for Smart Plug
  • Power connector – JST
  • Transmitter weight 45g
  • Receiver weight 10g
  • A9 Smart Plug weight 15g

More information at:

Firmware update process:

Manual and etc.

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