Wiring set for Gremsy Pixy-S

Additional options:
1 × Power adaptor - uBEC v2

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1 × EMLID cable

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  • This is new simplified cable set for easy connection of the ENTIRE at Gremsy Pixy-S
  • This set is compatible with PixHawk only!
  • Compatible with: Pixy-S
  • Geotagging is only available for A7RIV
  • Full camera control is available for A7RIV, A7RV


In stock

This cable set is aimed to Gremsy Pixy-S gimbal and is applicable only to PixHawk driven drones.
Set contains all cables and connectors for connecting of the ENTIRE with PixHawk flightcontroller via Gremsy AUX/USB port. This set places ENTIRE to the drone, not at camera position (as for all other our sets). Due to limited amount of connections available at Pixy-S, control abilities are limited:

    • Full camera control without any limitation (Speed/Iris/ISO/Photo/Video/Zoom/MENU & navigation)
    • Photo/Video/Zoom/IR Cmmands -> (ISO, MENU access and navigation, DISPLAY, PLAY)
      • (IR commands are available only on cameras with IR sensor (A7RIV for example)

This set allows you to make a clean geotagging installation without any hanging cables. Set supports capture detection via HotShoe connector (by original hotshoe cable). The ENTIRE is able to read GPS position from the PixHawk and also gimbal angles from Gremsy COM port with this cable set.

  • Compatible with: Gremsy Pixy-S only!
  • Geotagging is only available for A7RIV (via Multiport)
  • Full camera control is available for A7RIV, A7RV (via USB-C)

In this set ENTIRE is placed on the drone -> if you do not have solid 5V / 1A power source at your drone, remember to add Power adaptor to your order!

This set is only for ENTIRE R3!

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