Gremsy (v3) second payload cable set

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1 × EMLID cable

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Gremsy cable set for the Entire in geotagging application.
This set enables the Entire to read Gimbal angles and also GPS/RTK position from the PixHawk/DJI with clean installation via Gremsy AUX port.
This set is compatible with series 3 of Gremsy gimbals.

In stock


This cable set is used as addition to standard Gremsy Geotagigng cable set for second payload. This cable set is for users with two (or more) gimbals for one drone. First gimbal is assembled by full Gremsy geotaging set (containing also drone parts) and additional payloads can be equipped with this simplified cable set.

Set contains cable for Entire connection to lower AUX port, Power Adaptor with Gremsy connection cable for Easy powering of the Entire. HotShoe connector with new smaller design allows to mount gimbal and also trigger sense pin.

Cable set contains:
– 1x Sony multiport USB cable
– 1x Hotshoe connector
– 1x Hotshoe cable
– 1x AUX-Entire cable
– 1x Power Adaptor with Gremsy connection cable

If buyed separately, plese remark version of your Entire (rev1 / rev2 / rev3) in the order note or by email.

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