ShareUAV camera control cable set

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1 × EMLID cable

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Cable set for ShareUAV cameras supporting GPS transfer and camera control via MavLink or DJI API.

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This cable set is used for remote control of ShareUAV cameras via MavLink or DJI API (tested at Share UAV 6100 model). With this set you can remotely control camera parameters, trigger shutter and other features via any supported remote control channel (HereLink, MissionPlanner plugin, SBUS, AIR Commander Link, DJI Expansion KIT or any other).

This set supports control for:
– Trigger Photo
– Trigger Video
– Change Shutterspeed (between 1/500 to 1/2500)
– Change ISO
– LiveView Zoom
– Change format (RAW/JPG)
– MENU and navigation
– Play (review images or videos)
– Display (change display overlay mode)
– GPS transfer for ShareUAV geotagging process

Cable set contains:
– Camera connection cable
– PixHawk Cable
– DJI Cable
– Extension BOX
– 2x UNI Cable
– Joint unit

This set is applicable to PixHawk Cube drones or DJI M600 (A3/N3) drones.
More about installation and configuration at our docs page.

This cable is only suitable for ENTIRE R3

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