A9 Smart plug


A9 Smart plug is external power & control device for
Sony A9
Sony A7 III
Sony A7R III
Sony A7R IV
(and others with NP-FZ100 battery)


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A9 Smart Plug is compatible with Sony all cameras with NP-FZ100 battery.

Smart battery plug is a multifunctional device that power camera from your gimbal 12V-14,5V power & adding control functions to AIR Commander Entire. You will never get drained battery in mid-air. The Smart Plug is connected to the AIR Commander Entire and becomes part of the control system.

Function controlled by A9 Smart plug:

  • Shutter speed dial (wheel)
  • Aperture dial (wheel)

The Smart Plug is only compatible with Sony A7/A9 with NP-FZ100 battery.

Included is Entire connection cable and Gremsy PWT OUT connection cable.



  • Weight 15g (original Sony FZ-100 battery weight is 85g).
  • Input voltage 12V-14,5V / 2A

Included is JST connection cable and Gremsy PWT OUT connection cable.


SmartPlugs are no longer compatible with older AIR Commander v2 or Link. If you need SmartPlug replcement for A7 or A9 Combo, please contact us.

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