PhaseOne iX-Link cable


This cable is used for control of PhaseOne industrial cameras.

Available on backorder


AIR Commander Entire includes standard micro-USB cable for camera connection however, the PhaseOne Industrial connection needs special LEMO connectors and adapter unit.

This product contains a set of two cables and converter unit. One LEMO connector is used for camera control and second for GPS / Angles transfer.

This set enables the Entire to fully control exposure, trigger photo and many more and also includes geotagging feature. Geaotagging includes GPS and Attitude (camera angle) tagging directly to the EXIF if images in the camera.

This product can be ordered without LEMO connectors, if you would like to use original LEMO cable set from PhaseOne. In this case you need to solder cables by your own, soldering pads has color marking matching PhaseOne cables, so it’s easy.
Use discount code “#ixlink-nocables” at checkout for this case.

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