ADTi camera connection set


This set is accessory of the ENTIRE* to control and geotag ADTi Surveyor cameras.

* ENTIRE is not included!

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This set is accessory for the ENTIRE* to control and geotag ADTi Surveyor cameras via MavLink or via AIR Commander Link v2. Set contains cable for connection of the ENTIRE to the camera for serial communication, capture detection and power of the camera. Set also contains our PowerAdaptor (uBEC), wich is hidden in the MountBOX together with cables.
If you would like to mount ADTi & ENTIRE to Gremsy v3 series gimbal and be able to read angles for geotagging, addition of Gremsy set is mandatory.

With this set is camera power input shared with our PowerAdaptor. All is powered via one cable and power input is limited to 12 – 23V.

With this set you’ll be able to control:
– ShutterSpeed
– Aperture
– Exposure correction
– MENU and navigation (arrows)
– Trigger Photo
– Start/Stop recording
– Geotag EXIF of images with accurate GPS and ATTItude (together with camera control)

Set contains:
– Cables for ADTi camera connection
– Multiport cable
– uBEC (power adaptor)
– Mount BOX for easier cable management
– Special (short) power cable for the ENTIRE
– Cable for power up the ENTIRE and the Camera
– MavLink cable



* ENTIRE is not included!

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