Wiring set EVO for Gremsy T3 | S1 | T7


  • This is new simplified cable set for easy connection of the ENTIRE at Gremsy v3 series gimbals.
  • This set is compatible with PixHawk only!
  • Compatible with: T3v3 | S1v3 | T7


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This cable set is new evolution of previous Gremsy set for v3 series of gimbals and is applicable only to PixHawk driven drones.
Set contains all cables and connectors for connecting of the ENTIRE with PixHawk flightcontroller via Gremsy AUX port. Set includes also Power Adaptor (UBEC) with Gremsy connection cable for easy powering of the ENTIRE. HotShoe connector with new smaller design allows to mount gimbal and also trigger sense pin.

This set allows you to make a clean geotagging installation without any hanging cables. The ENTIRE is able to read GPS position from the PixHawk and also gimbal angles from Gremsy COM port with this cable set.

Compatible with: Gremsy T3v3 | S1v3 | T7

If you would like to apply this set to Fuji GFX100 – please leave a note in the order notes (product needs customization for GFX100/GFX50)

If buyed separately, plese remark version of your Entire (rev1 / rev2 / rev3) in the order note or by email.

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